Thursday, November 14, 2013

Very IMPORTANT!!! Please Read!

The new blog of my sister's and mine HAS BEEN created. It contains all the posts from both of our former blogs. These blogs will soon be DELETED!! Please check it out for Narnia & LOTR awesomeness. ;)

It is Frodo and Lucy's Journey... please tell me if you like it!!!


  1. I like it but there is nothing in it and I think that you shouldn't delete previous blogs

  2. Really? Nothing in it? Well, articles will be posted soon. Plus, there is a scarve on each side, and games on the bottom. And EVERY post from both of the former blogs were exported into our new one. I still probably am going to delete this. Thanks anyway for your opinion. ;)

    Would you be so kind as to follow our new blog or are you not impressed?

    ~ Lucia

  3. I've just found how to read older posts :)


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