Sunday, September 01, 2013

My Narnian Poems

I decided to write some Narnian poems. Or songs, or stories, or whatever you want to call them. So here it goes. :)

More Good
When the Pevensies came,
Aslan came.
And together they brought more good,
Than has ever been seen in a hundred years.

Aslan's Light
Aslan, glorious
Aslan, strong
Aslan sitting on THE throne

Bringing teachings
Bringing good
Bringing light -

God's light,
Aslan's light

Father Time
Time is fading,
Slowly stopping,
Until the end.

Time is slow,
Withering away,
As the clock ticks.

Until the end of the world.

Kings and Queens, Live Forever
Peter, Edmund
Kings, live forever!
Susan, Lucy
Queens, live forever!

Be magnificent and strong
Be just and never cruel
Be gentle and never harsh
Be valiant and true 

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