Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The White Witch

The White Witch is a true, horrible, and should - have - been ugly witch. She is the master of winter and looks all wintry, usually. And she had quite an encounter with Edmund the Just! 

This old hag (in heart) turns anything she wants to into stone! Many a good Narnian became a part of her collection. She had many stone statues in her gallery until Aslan saved all of them. Many looked terrible, screaming as they were turned into stone! (No wonder this movie was PG-rated; I became very unsettled in a few parts and grimaced a lot!

And, yes, that bottle of magic water can make any food you wish! But don't be greedy, or Aslan might just have to die again for YOU!

But in the end , good will always win. Don't worry, fellow readers! And witch, watch out! Aslan WILL deal with you!

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