Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fictional Character Spotlight: Narnians

Spotlight: Narnians
Focus point: Real or fake?
Are Narnians real? Perhaps Clive Lewis made them up, or........ can they be a true people?

Thought: Inspired by saints
Perhaps they are not really real, but inspired by saints.

Lucy could have been inspired by St. Lucy of Narni. There WAS a small town in Italy called Narni (or as Narnia). C.S. Lewis found this name in an atlas when he was young, and The Chronicles of Narnia might have been inspired from it!

Peter could have been inspired by one of Jesus' apostles, Simon Peter. They both were strong leaders and protectors, just in different ways.

St. Susanna might have been the base for Susan. Though not much more than the name is similar, they both acted or were mothers. 

Edmund could have had his inspiration from the great Edmund Campion. This wonderful saint must have had his mishaps, just like Edmund does!

Thought: Real
Maybe they really are actual human beings. They look like humans, and act like humans! They could be an old form of humans. Or we are all Narnians! (Narnians could be another name for humans.)

Thought: Fake
They must be fake! What else can be sensible? A lot of authors make up characters - right.....?

Conclusion: Inspired by saints
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  1. There was a real Lucy of Narni. I dressed up as her for All Saint's Day one year. C.S. Lewis may have based his character of Lucy on her.

    1. Really? That's nice! I know of a few, but perhaps you could send me some info about her? I'd love to know more!

  2. Here's some information about her:
    She is not very similar to the character Lucy, but the name is not a coincidence: I feel that c.S. Lewis named Lucy of NARNIA after Lucy of NARNI for a reason.


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