Monday, August 26, 2013

Susan Finds Hope

After Narnia...

Susan woke up to find her husband gone, probably already at work. Then she looked for Mary and Tom, her little children. They, too, were.....gone! Also, Susan had this urge to go see the wreckage. The graveyard...where her family was buried so long ago. She got up, putting on a dress. Then she softly ran to the door and called a taxi to give her a ride to the wreckage of the train from years ago. And then she saw...something. She told the driver to drop her off here. What she saw, she hardly believed her eyes! It was HIM. It was Aslan. Now was the time to repent, for all those years of sin. Susan went to Him, and knelt.

I am sorry..... Susan whispered, hanging her head in shame. Then she exclaimed, "You didn't forget me!"

"Child", said Aslan quietly. "How could I forget you, a queen? But now you must suffer until you are pure enough for the true Narnia...."

Just then, Susan felt pain, sorrow, sickness... and it felt as if it lasted for years. But then, it all stopped. In front of her was golden steps, the pathway to Heaven. That was when she realized: Narnia was true, and the true Narnia will last forever.

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