Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Once Upon A Time.... (4 new phrases)

Fictional Spotlight: Once Upon A Time....
Spotlight: Once upon a time....
What it is: A phrase
What it is not: a TV show

No, I'm not talking about Once Upon a Time, that darned silly TV show. I'm talking about the phrase: once upon a time....

Doesn't most every fiction story, TV show, or movie begin with that? Wouldn't that work even for Narnia, or any other Disney/Pixar movie? Don't you ever think, "can't they think of ANYTHING different for once?"

Well, here's your savior: 4 new catchy beginning phrases made by me!

An obviously far away stuff 1. In a far away land, and a far away time ago.....

Or for a more modern time 2. In a time quite near and in a place that may actually exist....

Something that works always! 3. At a place you may know and a time today and yesterday....

Mysterious, isn't it? 4. At a time and place nobody quite knows...


That sums it up! Movie producers, make sure to use one of these in your next movie! Have a good day ev'rybody!


  1. lol OUAT isn't THAT silly, I quite like it.

    Clever new ideas for once upon a time though. I lile them. ;)

    1. I suppose not, I guess I did too. And thank you. :)

    2. She doesn't think it's silly, she just says that at points when she gets annoyed of me talking about it all the time. When I show her clips, she sometimes is as OMG OMG OMG as me. ;)

      But I love these lines. :) :)


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